Mi Band

Understand your every move with the elegant and robust Mi Band activity tracker. With a military grade sensor and a 30-day battery life, you'll never miss a step!

What You Need To Know

You'll earn AIA Vitality Points in the fitness category if you exercise at a specific intensity, for a specific time.

Earn up to 100 AIA Vitality Points each day

For workouts tracked using Mi Band

You can earn up to 15,000 AIA Vitality Points for all fitness-related activities (including gym workouts, fitness device tracking and organised fitness events). Once you have linked your device to AIA Vitality, points take up to 2 weeks to show on your AIA Vitality Points Statement.

Once you have uploaded your data to AIA Vitality, we will award you points for the qualifying steps you have taken each day.

Steps Each Day AIA Vitality Points

7,500 – 12,499




>= 12,500





You may earn points if we have suggested a personal Health Goal within this range.

A maximum of 100 points will be awarded for one download a day. If you complete two fitness activities in 1 day, then the higher points between the two will be awarded.

Example: Jane buys a fitness device that can be linked to AIA Vitality. Her device collects step. Jane takes 7,500 steps a day and uploads her exercise data to AIA Vitality. Jane will earn a maximum of 50 points a day for her exercise session for meeting one of the criteria from her step data.

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